Religious conference in New Haven, CT

I am returning from a 4-day conference in New Haven, Connecticut. It was a long week interpreting from English into Spanish for this Catholic brotherhood. New Haven has a nice downtown area, including Yale University Campus. The “old campus” has a beautiful architecture. I am going to find out how to download the pictures I took on my cell phone onto my blog.

We stayed at the Omni Hotel, which was a very nice hotel, but the wireless connection was very frustrating and slow. It was virtually impossible to use Skype, and Microsoft Outlook was very slow. Any document over 1 MB took forever to download. The other problem with the hotel is the new in-house AV company. In order to interpret, you need a feed from the microphones. The booth didn’t have a feed from half of the microphones in the room, so it was very frustrating to say the least. Fortunately, the delegates from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Domionican Republic were very understanding, as was the person who hired me. Lets hope that the situation will improve when this group meets again in New Haven a year from now.