Air Canada Lounges at Pearson Airport

This year, I have grown accustomed to stopping by at the Air Canada Lounges throughout Canada. They are all very stylish, and I particularly like the one in Quebec City, despite its size. I am on my way to New Haven CT, and instead of the Canadian Air Canada Lounge, I am in the US Air Canada Lounge at Pearson Airport. I must say that I am rather disappointed in the US Air Canada Lounge. It is very big, spacious, but it looks very tired, unwelcoming, and outdated. The one on the domestic side feels much more welcoming. They both cater to the ”business person”, but I find that the Canadian one is much more open to families. Also, the Canadian size seems to have more hustle n’ bustle, whereas the US side is very quiet… I even had to pick up my briefcase instead of drag it on its wheels, as I felt even that was too loud!!