Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

November 11 is a day when Canadians nationwide take a moment to remember. Remembrance Day – it is a day to commemorate all our fallen soldiers, who fought for our country as well as all those who still play a role in keeping our homeland strong and free. But is Remembrance Day only celebrated in Canada? Today we will learn about other cultures and countries that also celebrate those who protect their land.

Armistice Day

On November 11 in Britain, Armistice Day is observed. This day was first observed in 1919 throughout British Commonwealth countries in memory of the end of First World War. Other commonwealth countries across the world that still celebrate Armistice Day include Belgium, New Zealand, and South Africa, only to name a few.

Veterans Day

In the United States, likewise on November 11, our American friends honour their soldiers with Veteran’s Day.


The Dutch remember and honour members of their armed forces on May 4 each year. The day after, on May 5 the Dutch then celebrate Liberation Day in memory of the day they were freed from Nazi occupation during the Second World War.


This German day of mourning is an occasion to remember all victims of war and oppression that the country has experienced throughout the years. This day occurs on the third Sunday of November each year and is taken so seriously in some regions of Germany that dance and music is prohibited for the day.

Commemoration Day of Fallen Soldiers

This day is celebrated in Finland on the 3rd Sunday of May in honour of all the fallen soldiers of the Finnish Winter War and Civil War.

Anzac Day

This day is celebrated in Australia and New Zealand on the 25th of April each year. This day is in honour of the nation’s Capture of the Gallipoli peninsula in 1915, but also commemorates the fallen soldiers of the Second World War among others.

While we remember and honour all the fallen soldiers who protect our country, Canada, on November 11 each day, many other countries do the same whether it be on the same day, or another throughout the year.