Markham, Montreal, and Windsor, oh my!

As mentioned in my last blog, I just finished 2 days of interpretation at a recording studio in Markham. I headed straight to the airport from there, and I am now waiting to board my plane. I am flying to Montreal tonight, and I am working there for 2 days. Then, I am flying back to Toronto on Thursday, but instead of going home, I will be driving right past my exit on the 401 to work in Windsor the next day. I will be back at Windsor’s Caesar Hotel. This will be the third time in 3 months that I visit the Hotel and Casino. In my first 6 years as an interpreter, I had only worked in Windsor twice. In the last 3 months, I have worked there 3 times, and I have another contract in May, so that will be 4 times in 5 months!!

I return from Windsor on Sunday evening, but I have to prepare to get back to work on Monday, as I might be going back to the recording studio. Then I work on Tueday and Wednesday at a hotel by the airport. If there is a recession, I am thankful that I am not feeling it.