Fun ways to improve your language skills

Five fun ways to learn a new language

Sometimes it may be difficult to motivate yourself to keep learning your new language. Here are a five fun ways to incorporate your language learning into everyday life.

Get Online

If you looking to strengthen your new language skills, what better way than to find a social media pen pal to practice these skills with? Through a variety of social networks you can find friends locally and globally who have the same language learning goals as you. You can also find language groups online that are filled with like-minded people who are trying to learn a new language like you. Not only is this a great way for you to strengthen your language skills, it is also a great way to meet new people and learn about a new culture.

Join a book club

Not just any book club though. Find a book club whose main language is the language you are studying. This way not only will you be forced to practice your secondary language in a social setting; you will also hone your reading skills.

Cultural Events

Look in your area for local cultural events or festivals that celebrate the culture of your target language. At these events you will get to socialize with a number of native-speakers of your target language, and you’ll also learn about the customs and traditions of the culture. By learning more about the culture you’ll get a better and deeper understanding of the language itself.

Social Media

Look to your social media accounts to help you practice your new language. Sign into your accounts and start following, liking and sharing media that is in the target language you are trying to learn. Update your statuses in your new language and challenge yourself to use it as much as possible. If you’re feeling really ambitious start a blog about your language journey and use your target language as much as possible! As a challenge, try and work your way up to full blog posts in your new language.

Everyday life

Look around you and find ways you can incorporate your new language into your life. It can be as simple as finding a new book to read in your target language or even sending a text message to a friend in your target language. If you can find excuses to use your language and incorporate it into your everyday life, you’re more likely to continue practicing your newfound language skills.

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