French Punctuation

French Punctuation

When learning a new language, you must also learn the punctuation of the language. No, punctuation is not the same across all languages. It is something you must learn to use correctly because how you use it in English, may not translate into French. Here are a few common punctuation marks used in French.



Le point

Like English, “le point” is used to end a sentence. Some ways it is used differently in French is the use of it when stating a number. In English we may write 1,000, but in French they would write 1.000.



La virgule

“La virgule” is also used in a similar way to English. You can use it to separate thoughts, ideas, lists and more.

« »

“” Quotation Marks

les guillemets

This is something we don’t have in English. “Les guillemets” are used the same way as quotation marks in English, however they look different. Keep an eye out for these in the written language as it will often be stating a direct quote or fact.



Le point d’exclamation

Similarly, this is used the same in French as it is in English.



Le point d’interrogation

The ‘question mark’ is also used in a similar fashion in French.



Le point-virgule

The semi-colon is another form of punctuation that is used similarly to English.

While the majority of French punctuation is used similarly to English, as a language learner it is important to note that each punctuation mark has a different name, and in some cases is used completely differently – if at all.