University Directors meeting

It is Saturday, and I am working at a University Directors meeting. It is a very dry subject, and since we’re on the lavish 18th floor of the Park Hyatt in Toronto, you can see the beautiful, sunny skyline. This elegant, metropolitan setting is going to be highly contrasted by the small-town, remote, secluded conference on Monday in Blanc Sablon, Québec. Blanc Sablon is the eastern-most town in Québec, at the border with Labrador. Tomorrow, I travel to Halifax, then Saint-John’s, then switch from Air Canada to Provincial Airlines and make 2 more stops before arriving in Blanc Sablon. I work on Monday in Blanc Sablon and leave the same day, making 2 stops with Provincial Airlines, and then switching back to Air Canada in Sept-Iles, then Québec City and, finally, I will be back home by 10-11 pm.