Union work

This week, I am working for unions. On Monday and Tuesday, I worked in Toronto for a union local representing workers in the railway industry, and had to hire someone to take over for me Wednesday and Thursday, as I had to fly to Montreal and drive to Magog for a 3-day union training course about conflict resolution. I should be done on Friday, drive back to Montreal and fly back to Toronto. The resort I am staying at is called Manoir des Sables, and it is a really nice little place… I wonder if I can include pictures in my next blog… I am also debating how much information I can include in my blogs, so I have been keeping things very general. I wish I knew how much I can include in my blogs without getting into trouble, as I am a neutral person working at conferences where people share confidential information. I would love to post contentious issues and start online debates about particular topics that are discussed at conferences!!!