Telephone Interpretation

[h1]Telephone Interpretation[/h1]

Have you ever heard about telephone interpretation? Did you know there is a need for it? Telephone Interpretation is one of the many services Pendleton Translations offers to clients.

Telephone Interpretation is very similar to a conference call; only one of the callers (Pendleton Translations) knows various languages and is able to act as a moderator between the other callers. Pendleton Translations then translates the conversation between the other callers to ensure understanding is reached. Telephone Interpretation is an extremely economical way of having conversations with another, without having to travel, or send an email that you had Google translate (HINT: Google Translate is ALWAYS a bad idea).

Telephone Interpretation is one of the many services Pendleton Translation offers to their customers, including Not For Profit Agencies. All Telephone Interpretation is ensured to be the highest in both quality and professionalism. Pendleton Translations aims to break down language barriers for others, and telephone interpretation is a great way for you to expand your business network.

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