Spanish Punctuation

[h1]Spanish Punctuation[/h1]

We all know English punctuation very well, but when you’re learning a new language it’s pertinent to learn the punctuation that accompanies the language. This week we’ll learn a little bit about Spanish punctuation.

Spanish Punctuation

English Punctuation

Spanish Name

English Name

How it’s used



Punto or Punto final


A period is used very similarly to English. One difference from English that it shares with French is the use of a period in numbers, as opposed to a comma. For example: $1.000





This is used similarly to English, however it is most commonly used in lists. It is not used when you are writing “Hello,”.




Quotation Marks

In English, punctuation will fall either in or outside of the quotation marks depending on the format you are using. In Spanish, it always land inside the quotation marks.



signos de interrogaciónsignos de exclamación

Question Mark

When you are writing a question in Spanish, you frame the question using the question marks. For example, ¿What time is it?



signos de exclamación

Exclamation Point

Similar to the question mark, exclamation points are used to frame an exciting statement. If the sentence you are writing is both a question and an exclamation, you can frame the statement with both: “¡What did you do?”

Don’t forget this important aspect of learning a new language! It can be easily overlooked.