Mother’s Day Around The World

[h1]Mother’s Day Around The World[/h1]

In honour of mother’s day – which is on Sunday – today our blog post is about Mother’s Day Around the World. No matter your definition of “mother”, I’m sure many of us have had an influential person in our lives. And this important person is celebrated around the world, in many different cultures. Here are a few other countries who celebrate moms.

[h2]Canada, United States, Australia & New Zealand [/h2]These countries celebrate Mothers on the second Sunday during the month of May. It is celebrated mostly the same across these countries, where gifts, flowers and cards are given in thanks. In Australia, carnation flowers are worn by individuals in recognition of their mothers – a coloured flower signifies their mother is living, while a white one signifies their memory.

[h2]South Africa [/h2]In South Africa, this day is celebrated on the first Sunday in May, with gifts, flowers, and quality time – very similar to the day celebrated in North America. Like Australia, carnations are also worn in recognition.

[h2]Mexico  [/h2]In Mexico, Mother’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and it is taken very seriously. Flowers, gifts, and dinner are often on the agenda for the day, which is celebrated each year on May 10. In the morning, Mother’s are serenaded with the song “Las Mananitas” by their children or a mariachi band.

[h2]India  [/h2]In India, Mother’s Day is a rather new phenomenon, and has been adapted from North America’s celebrations. It too, is also celebrated on the second Sunday in May through gift giving and quality time.

[h2]United Kingdom & Ireland [/h2]Here, these countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is known as “Mothering Sunday”. A traditional dessert on this day is a “Mothering Cake” which is a rich almond cake.

No matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day, it is apparent that a variety of cultures recognize the importance of Mother’s in their lives, and celebrate it in one form or another. Go ahead…give your mom a big hug this Sunday.