Interpretation Equipment Rentals

[h1 subtitle=”Interpretation Equipment Rentals”]Interpretation Equipment Rentals[/h1]One of the unique things about Pendleton Translations is that we offer Interpretation Equipment Rentals. Whether you require headsets that your guests will hear the translated content through, or whether it is soundproofing booths, we can supply you with it.

All of our interpretation equipment rentals are state-of-the-art. We also have the ability to bring you a complete audiovisual solution for any of your needs. Interpretation equipment rentals include portable transmitters, with RF, infrared and digital transmitting solutions. We are even able to offer closed captioning services if needed.

Along with our interpretation equipment rentals, should you require professional conference interpreters, we can provide the best in the industry. All our conference interpreters are courteous professionals who are knowledgeable on a variety of topics ensuring you get the best interpretation possible. We can provide you with interpreters for many different languages who are fluent or native speakers of the language, with many years of experience.

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