Conference Interpretation: Why Your Company Needs It

[h1]Conference Interpretation: Why Your Company Needs It[/h1]

If your company hosts conferences – whether they be local, provincial, national or international – you should consider getting conference interpretation.

Conference interpretation, or simultaneous interpretation, is when a linguist listens to the keynote address and simultaneously interprets what he hears into another language, or the target language, your audience wants to hear. Each person who needs simultaneous interpretation wears a headset, and only they hear the language the speaker is being interpreted into. Simultaneous interpretation can happen in a variety of languages at the same time, through the use of multiple linguists.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider conference interpretation for your next big event:

  1. Draws Customers

What better way to draw customers to your company than by offering conference sessions in their language! By offering a variety of languages to your conference attendees, you are able to expand your reach into different communities and cultures, and in turn get a better-rounded conference.Conference interpretation is a great way to make your attendees feel comfortable, and to also ensure they get the most out of your conference. When you interpret into their mother tongue, they are sure to understand every second, which is a great value add for them, and yourself. 

  1. Opens New Channels 

By offering conference interpretation at your conference, you are able to find not only new attendees, but you also gain the ability to get industry leaders from other parts of the world that you may not have had access to otherwise. New speakers, companies and attendees can be found when you offer conference interpretation. This makes your event even more diverse and interesting for your attendees! Not to mention great networking opportunities for everyone who attends. 

  1. You Look Great!

Offering conference interpretation is great business for your company! Not only do you open new channels to new customers and speakers, you give your company the ability to hold conferences around the world and reach out into communities and cultures you may not have known about.

 All around, conference interpretation is a great asset for your company’s next conference. And these are only a few of the great reasons you should consider conference interpretation!