Bastille Day

[h1]Bastille Day[/h1]

This past Tuesday, France celebrated a well-known holiday across their country, “La Fête Nationale,” otherwise known as Bastille Day. This day falls on July 14 each year and is considered a national holiday. This week, we’ll learn a little bit about this exciting day in France

Bastille Day celebrates the storming of the Bastille – a prison that acted as a symbol of power amongst French revolutionaries in 1789. By taking this prison, it signaled that King Louis XVI was no longer in power, that the decisions being made by the nation, and it marked the nations three ideals – Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. This day also marks the beginning of the French Revolution.

Around France this day decorated in their national colours – red, white and blue – and is celebrated with parades up the Champs Elysées and fireworks. They also enjoy local delicacies, such as quiche, fruits, vegetables, salads and a few glasses of wine. Happy Bastille Day!