Are Adults Better Language Learners?

Are Adults Better Language Learners?

Are you thinking about learning a new language, but have heard that learning a new language is more difficult as an adult? Forget what you’ve heard! Hear are a few advantages adults have when learning another language.

1. You’re already proficient at one language…so why not another!

If you think about it, you’re already a master at your first language! This is a benefit to you because you’ll be able to make connections between your first and second language while learning, which can aid in your learning ability.

2. Motivation

If you’re trying to learn a second language, there’s a good chance you have some motivation behind your decision. Whether it be for a career boost, to speak to a loved one, or for your dream vacation, you most likely want to do well.

3. Life Experience

Being a little bit older has its benefits. Not only are you well versed in learning tactics, and know what works best for your while learning, but you have a general understanding of many things around you. Study habits, note taking skills and your honed attention span will make you a better language learner.

So, the moral of the story is to never stop learning! Your age should never stop you from learning something new – instead it should give you confidence in your ability to learn and help you realize you can do anything!