New Words In Oxford Dictionaries

[h1]New Words In Oxford Dictionaries[/h1]

This past week, Oxford Dictionaries announced some new words they would be adding to the free language dictionary site. Before you get your feathers in a bunch – these words won’t be published in a hard copy dictionary – such as the Oxford English Dictionary – but are rather added to this free site to keep up with the ever-changing language landscape. Here are a few of the words that were added, along with their definitions:


Awesomesauce, adj: We’ve all been there. We’re in the middle of explaining our excellent experience, and the only word that can accurately define how “awesome” it really was, is awesomesauce. The appropriate synonym to this is “weak sauce”.

My skydiving experience was awesomesauce!


Beer o’clock, n: This is the time of day when it is appropriate for you to start drinking a beer. For all you winos out there, “wine o’clock” is the word you can use.

Is it beer o’clock yet?


Cakeage, n (informal): Your family decides to go out to a restaurant for your birthday, and to save a few dollars, you bring a cake to serve yourself. Cakeage, is when the restaurant charges you for a cake they did not provide.

You can bring your own cake to the restaurant, but there is cakeage.


Fur baby, n: People love their pets! And, if they don’t have kids, what’s the next best thing? A fur baby! They spoil their animal/ pet as others do their child.     

This collar is so cute! I have to buy it for my fur baby.


Rage-quit, v (informal): Have you ever been doing a puzzle, and you can’t find where that one. little. piece. fits? Well, if you’ve been in this situation and gotten so angry, you’ve quit, then you’ve “rage-quit”. It’s anger and frustration rolled into one word.

I was playing my video game, but I rage-quit.


Hangry, adj (informal): We’ve all experienced this in some form or another. You’re so hungry you get angry. Hence “hangry”.

I’m so HANGRY!


Do you ever use any of these phrases in your everyday vernacular? What will we think of next!?